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On the Court

This week, I would like to take you back to the culminating moments of our Kickball Tournament a few weeks ago. A snapshot of this day still dances in my memory and I feel compelled to share it with you. As always, the students love to end their kickball games with social time on the playground adjacent to the baseball diamond. I loved watching our entire school engage in childlike play at the playground. Seniors sat in swings alongside middle schoolers and students of all ages climbed the rock wall and turned dizzily on the playground equipment. While the kickball game itself was certainly the main event that day, what resonates with me, as is often the case, was this more organic, less obvious moment. All pretense and self-awareness was thrown to the wind as sheer bliss blazed across our student body. This was yet another example of the Soundview Way that I am lucky enough to experience on a daily basis.

Have a great week- GO BULLDOGS!
Dr. Cotrone