• The Soundview Prep Music Program

    Student Bands

    Soundview's music program is designed with a critical eye toward the best music-making experience. From novices to experienced instrumentalists, everyone finds ways to add value to the performing groups. With at least four chances to perform throughout the year, all music students compose their own works, learn covers, and most end up playing multiple instruments. Taught by professional, performing musicians, students push their skills through the endless collaboration of making music together.

    Music Production

    Through the generous support of the Michael J. Santangelo, Jr. Fund, Soundview has built a true music production studio as part of the Music Conservatory building. Students learn digital music composition, music production, and recording. As a practical matter, the production classes record each student band in order to produce a CD of Soundview music each year. Our music teachers bring their own experience in the studio to bear, helping students learn to hear with greater discernment, identify the elements that go into producing music, and hear the results of their work through recording their peers.