The Flexible Support Center (FSC) ensures students will never fall through the cracks. Highlighting our customized educational approach to each student, the FSC works closely with students to help them navigate academic challenges, overcome learning differences and develop strategies to fulfill their potential. Maximizing executive functioning from the ground up, this individualized technique to student success capitalizes on the needs and personality of each student. Additionally, the FSC: 


    • Serves students who need a small structured setting with direct instruction in order to complete their coursework.
    • The support period is added to the students schedule each day and allows for the student to feel comfortable and prepared for their time at the FSC and with their academics
    • Key areas of focus: 
      • Writing Skills
      • Note Taking
      • Organizational Skills
      • Study Skills
      • Test Preparation
      • Test Taking
      • Time Management
      • Homework

    The Kid Organizer 

    Marcella Moran, MA, LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and Learning Specialist who works with Soundview students to develop positive strategies to learn how to be more organized. Ms. Moran’s unique skill of assessing a student’s learning style and identifying an organizational style has proven to be a successful strategy for developing personalized organizational systems for our Soundview students. Ms. Moran primarily works with SPS students to:
    • Ensure each student doesn't slip through the cracks, after all, students aren't just lazy- their executive functioning is probably being compromised.
    • Strengthen each individual's executive functioning skills to put them on a path of academic and social success.
    • Provide a personalized approach and a more supportive path to each student's unique way of learning. 
    • Identify a plan for each SPS student to be successful in the way that works best for them.