Tom Curley

Tom Curley, Head of School

  • It is a pleasure to welcome you to Soundview online, and I hope that you are in the process of finding the school that is right for you and your family. We take great pride in the work we do here, continuing the vision of the school's founder, Mr. Hearn, and expanding it into the future.

    Our caring and dedicated faculty and staff truly live and support the mission of Soundview. It is thanks to them that we not only support our students, but also hold them accountable for strong academic work, demand ethical behavior, and recognize their inherent value. In our small classes, students are encouraged to make themselves heard, take intellectual risks, and enjoy the thirst for new knowledge, skills, and understanding.

    For its entire history, Soundview has made it a point to encourage the growth of the whole child. Without emotional safety, we know there will be little lasting learning. It is to this end that we are investing our time and energy in the 2019-2020 school year focusing our professional development efforts on a framework of Social-Emotional Learning. Beginning with the faculty, we are growing our skills of identifying and working with our emotions. As our skills grow, we will be better able to teach students those skills and offer them opportunities to practice them. Over the next few years, Social-Emotional Learning will become a standard set of practices at Soundview, which will only strengthen what we have done so well since 1989.

    Academically, Soundview's offerings are a traditional take on college preparatory education. We offer a full slate of AP courses, along with foreign languages, science, English, history, and mathematics. Our art and music programs are strong and very popular among the students, as well.

    Student-initiated clubs run weekly, and athletics are a mix of time at the gym every Friday along with competitive teams in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Track and Field. These offerings change from time to time depending on student interest and coaching availability.

    We are all united behind our school's mission; as a new head this year, I am truly impressed at the dedication of the faculty to the work they do to support our students in all ways. This feels like home to all of us--students, faculty, and parents alike. Come visit campus, and I promise you will get the same feeling about this school that I did: we are lucky to be here, and Westchester is lucky to have Soundview.

    I look forward to meeting you,

    Tom Curley