Clubs & Activities

  • Beyond the classroom, Soundview Students have the opportunity to explore and commit themselves to areas of interest they find exciting, meaningful and drawn to: allowing students to express themselves in a non-traditional way which celebrates who they are as a person.


    The student staff and their faculty advisers work hard all year writing text, interviewing students, taking photos, devising captions and preparing spreads and layouts. Members of the Yearbook staff attend an annual conference at Pace University to develop skills.


    Students discuss current events including political issues, world events, controversies, etc. The instructor moderates the discussions to make sure that every student has their voice/opinion heard.


    Students learn the basics of using a sewing machine and also techniques of hand sewing. The club starts in September by making a small, simple reusable snack bag with a velcro closure and then moves to more challenging projects. Students choose between several items and then must follow a pattern to produce it. In between the more time consuming projects, students learn how to sew a button and fix garments. The focus is producing something that the student is proud of and teaching a skill that can be used for a lifetime.



    The Book Club meets weekly to discuss a book chosen by a member of the club. Books are selected either from the New York Times bestsellers list or "The Great American Read" list by PBS. After the group reads a book, it is discussed over snacks and different activities that relate to the topic of the book. The Book Club has also been instrumental in converting an unused classroom into a library for quiet work, reading, and finding their next good book.

    book club

    The main goal of Environmental Club is to bring awareness to Soundview members regarding our environment, specifically regarding sustainability and our environmental footprint. Soundview prides itself on being a "green" school and works to spread that sense of community to Yorktown and beyond. We compost biodegradable food items from our cafeteria, support recycling of paper materials and bottles and run a fabric recycling drive in the spring. Students also learn about their impact on the global community.


    This group is focused on enlightening others and adding thoughtful discussions to daily life. Students challenge one another to look at every aspect of their lives from a different perspective. Students enjoy playing diversity “games” during meetings, watching videos or listening to speakers on various social topics. The students make presentations during daily morning meeting to share their findings with their classmates.


    GSA club (Gay-Straight Alliance) is a student-run organization which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, and talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.