• Have Questions? Just Ask!

    Do you have an application deadline?

    No, Soundview operates under a rolling admissions policy. Students are accepted throughout the year.

    Do you accept students for the senior year?

    As we prefer students to start at Soundview earlier in their school careers, we only accept applicants for senior year under special circumstances.

    Do I have to take Regents exams at Soundview?

    No, independent schools are not required to participate in the New York State Regents curriculum and testing program in order to grant diplomas. This gives us greater flexibility to design our own curriculum, and to offer advanced honors and AP courses to suit students’ interests.

    Will I make friends if I enroll mid-year?

    No matter when you enroll, you will find that students at our school are welcoming and accepting of new students. “I found all the students at Soundview to be warm and friendly,” says Emily Robinson, Class of 2012.

    Will I make friends with students only in my grade?

    Because Soundview is a small and tightly knit community, you will have the opportunity to make friends at all grade levels. In fact, in many classes, particularly in math, science and language, you will find students from different grades.

    Do I have to try out for sports teams?

    No. At Soundview, any student who is interested in playing and willing to make the commitment to attend practice after school is welcomed to join the team of their choice.

    Is there a dress code?

    Yes. Soundview does not have a school uniform except for gym, but clothing must be appropriate for a school setting.

    How much homework will I have?

    Homework assignments vary in depth and commitment. When appropriate, our faculty assign meaningful assignments vs. rote homework. Generally, Middle School and High School students receive less homework than their counterparts in public school.

    Are there any overnight trips?

    Soundview sponsors a trip abroad every year. All Upper School students are invited to participate. Middle School students take an overnight trip every fall.

    May I take two languages?

    Soundview makes every effort to enable students to pursue their individual interests. Because we offer four languages, some students at our school do take two languages.

    Will my school district bus me to your school?

    New York State requires your district to provide transportation if you live within 15 miles of Soundview. This requirement does not apply to Westchester’s three cities, White Plains, Yonkers or New Rochelle. The state of Connecticut does not require your district to provide transportation. If a student from New York has an IEP or 504, Westchester County will provide transportation up to 50 miles from Soundview. For more information, contact your local district’s transportation department.