• Our Mission

    Soundview’s purpose is to provide a college-preparatory education in a supportive environment that requires rigorous application to academics, instills respect for ethical values, and fosters self-confidence by helping each student feel recognized and valued.

    Soundview Story and Philosophy

    Founded on the philosophy that students thrive in small classes in an environment where competition is minimized, Soundview Preparatory School opened its doors in March 1989 at St. John’s Church in Pleasantville. Seventeen original families looked to W. Glyn Hearn, School founder and Headmaster, to provide an alternative approach to education for their children. It proved to be a school that believed in the worth of each student, while holding them to a high standard in both academic pursuits and personal conduct. Thus, Soundview became a school where students could develop their potential in a supportive atmosphere based on mutual trust. That same year in June, Soundview proudly graduated its first senior class of six students.

    As time passed, word spread about the unique educational experience that Soundview offered, and the School grew. In January 2008, Soundview Prep realized a dream, taking an historic step into the future with a move to its first permanent home, a beautiful thirteen acre campus in the center of Yorktown Heights, NY.

    As Soundview Prep continues to grow, it has kept its commitment to teaching small classes, investing intensely in each individual student, offering a rigorous curriculum in a welcoming atmosphere and promoting a feeling of community where every student feels valued. As we look toward the future from our bucolic site in Yorktown Heights, we see a school which remains firm in the core values that have imbued it from its beginnings in 1989.

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  • Open House

    Please join us  for a tour and to learn more about how your child can THRIVE at Soundview Preparatory School: 

    Sunday, October 6th, 11 am - 2 pm.